Manganese Sulphate Powder

The Manganese Sulphate Powder exported and supplied by the company is highly acclaimed by the clients due to its efficient performance. The Manganese Sulphate Powder offered by the company is an odorless light pink powder. Manganese Sulphate Powder is provided to the clients at affordable rates.

Widely Used In :
Feed additives

Offered In :
25kg HDPE bags
50 kg HDPE bags
Details :
Molecular Formula : MnSO4.H2O
CAS No. : 7785-87-7
Bulk Density : 1.20 - 1.40
Physical properties :
Light Pink Powder
Mn 32%Mn
Purity 98% min.
Moisture 0.40% max.
Iron 70 ppm max.
Water insolubles 0.1% max.
Chlorides 0.03% max.
Aluminium 0.025% max.
Arsenic 2.0% ppm max.
Lead 25 ppm max.
Antimony 2.0 ppm max.
Bismuth Nil
Zinc 5.0 ppm max
Cadmium Nil
Total organics 0.1% max