Manganese Oxide

Manganous Oxide or Manganese Oxide MnO is a brownish or dark greenish powder that is odorless. Avail from us premium Manganous Oxide that is highly acclaimed by the clients due to its free flowing nature. Keeping the specific requirements of our clients in mind, we are offering our Manganous Oxide in different particle sizes.

Finds Application In :
Poultry feed
Cattle feed
Chemical manufacturing
Available In :
25kg HDPE bags
50 kg HDPE bags
1250 kg HDPE bags
Details :
Molecular Formula : MnO
Molecular Weight : 71
CAS No. : 1344-43-0
Custom Tariff No. : 2820
I.U.P.A.C. Name : Manganese (II) Oxide
Particle size : Upto 300 mesh powder

Physical Properties :

Brownish / Dark Greenish Colour
Elements 48-50 % (Grade I) 53-55% (Grade II) 60-62% (Grade III)
Mn (T) (Min.) 48.00% 53.00% 60.00%
MnO (Min.) 70.00% 73.00% 75.00%
MnO2 (Max.) 4.50% 3.00% 2.00%
Fe as FeO (Max.) 12.00% 10.00% 4.50%
SiO2 (Max.) 10.00% 8.00% 2.50%
Pb (Lead) <80PPM <80PPM <30PPM
As(Arsenic) <20PPM <10PPM <10PPM
Copper <20PPM <20PPM <20PPM
Cd (Cadmium) <20PPM <20PPM <10PPM
Zn <20PPM <20PPM <20PPM
Al2O3 <20PPM <20PPM <50PPM
Note:-Any other Specific Requirement of Customer Can also Be Considered Apart from the Above Standard Specifications.